Custom Fine Jewellery

When we say custom, we mean custom. A one of its kind piece, exactly as you have imagined, created just for you.

Tell us your idea and let us turn it into gold.

For our completely custom creations we use solid 925 silver & gold, various precious stones of your choice, depending exactly on your wants and needs.

Designed by you, created by us. 100% handcrafted in Greece.


Designing Procedure

The process begins by having a conversation with you about the piece that you want to create, thoroughly discussing your preferences so that we can get your vibe and perfectly understand your idea.

When we understand your demands, we will start the designing procedure.

We will create a 3D design of your jewelry piece so that you can see how your piece is going to come to life, and of course make all the changes and perfections you need on that. Once we have your approval we are going to start the manufacturing process using all the highest quality materials, metals, diamonds and stones.

Completion Time

Here we are going to break down the completion time for each part of the process until you have your one of one jewelry piece in your hands.

Designing: When it comes to the creation of your design, we will go at your pace. So, the answer is, however long is needed until you think it’s perfect. With some clients we just need to exchange a few messages, in that case, its only going to take a couple of days. Others may prefer to design and work together in the span of weeks.

Production: About 2 weeks. Once you approve the final design we will immediately start working on your piece, finishing every last detail by hand.

Delivery: We provide safe worldwide delivery of your piece, with the price depending on your delivery location.

Cost: Every custom piece we create is a completely new idea. Because of that, its not possible to know how much your jewel is going to cost, because we don’t know what design, materials etc you have in mind.