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The AYEZI campaign was produced on 29/05/2022 in the King George Luxury Hotel at Athens, Greece.

The campaign was the first thing AYEZI ever posted, the way of the founder to share their vision, without writing a single word. It was not meant to showcase the product of the brand but to let each viewer know what’s coming.

And what is that?

Urban Luxury.

Combining the art of jewellery, with every culture, origin and style it is born from.

AYEZI is a creative space where you can explore your true identity and harmonise with a community that sees the world in a similar manner as you. That understands & belongs in Urban Luxury.

We create jewellery inspired from different lifestyles, origins & spaces with a main goal to bring people together, make them feel like their best selfs, inspire creativity, connect cultures and celebrate the art of accessorising, fashion and creation. Inspired by music history, the great fashion minds, the girl next door to the Queen of England, we are here to create the new space for jewellery revolution.

Produced by: Grandbois
Songwriting by: Kareem Kalokoh
Director: Giannis Michelopoulos
Assistant director: Nikos Choudalakis
Set designer: Alexandros Kombogiorgas
Set designer assistant: Konstantina Emmanouil
Styling: Stella Papakosta
Makeup & hair: Elena Dedi
Models: Kareem Kalokoh, Thodoris Yazeas, Eve Kushi, Magda Gkioka
Photography by: Akim Tsatsoulis
Venue: King George, a luxury collection hotel, Athens
Creative mind & production manager: Marina Koraka


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